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WManaging All Aspects of the Patient Logistics Ecosystem

As the expert in patient logistics, we provide a comprehensive suite of solutions to address each hospital or health system’s unique needs.

Inbound & Outbound Behavioral Health Line

  • Staffed 24/7 by coordinators specially trained in behavioral health transfers
  • Protocol driven so that appropriate checks are performed for transfers into units
  • Interface with physicians, nurse managers, case management and bed control
  • Outbound reviews appropriate locations for placement and works transfer until patient can be transferred
  • All related data and any issues are elevated to the health systems behavioral health administration, where required

Post-Acute Service with Ensocare

  • Assisting patients with adequate information to make post-acute decisions
  • Cloud-based technology to automate the patient discharge process
  • Solutions for ongoing post-acute patient monitoring, patient education and predictive analysis

Concierge Line Solutions

  • All calls are recorded and data is documented
  • Patients are scheduled and have a place to call if they need information for drug prescriptions or other scheduling issues, while physicians can call for a consult with a specialist or ensure their patient gets access to a physician in their referral system or is transferred appropriately
  • Hours can match those that are needed for that particular service line or health system
  • Discharge calls can be provided to help patients or their families field questions so that health systems can reduce readmissions

Population Health Management Systems

  • Tracking patient movement and satisfaction levels, inside and outside of network
  • Properly aligning resources with patient and population needs and goals
  • Serving as the link to community resources
  • Assisting patient in navigation of network
  • Facilitating transmission of data
  • Facilitating appropriate and timely communication between provider, patient and family
  • Follow-up with patient to ensure needs are being met and care plan is being followed

Occupational Health Solutions

  • 24/7 help line for employees faced with work-related injuries
  • Reinforces hospital relationships with local employers
  • Provides coordination of care for employers when an employee is injured on the job
  • Helps reduce visits to out-of-system health sites
  • Assists employer and health system to reduce cost for coverage through leakage or inappropriate care
  • Notifies treatment facility of patient’s pending arrival

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