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WImprove the Health of Your Patients–and Your Institution

quality of care

IMPROVE PATIENT OUTCOMES. Communicate efficiently to connect patients to the level of care they require, faster.

ENSURE APPROPRIATE PHYSICIAN BEHAVIOR. All communication is documented and recorded, allowing for a culture of accountability and professionalism. No more inappropriate requests or denials.

REDUCE INAPPROPRIATE TRANSFERS. Good case management through our process helps all involved parties ensure the care is transferred appropriately.

communication & connection

ESTABLISH REFERRAL RELATIONSHIPS. Increase revenue and patient transfers by developing strong relationships through consistent and efficient professional patient transfers.

IMPROVE INTERNAL COMMUNICATION. No more surprises—all parties involved are aware of a patient’s arrival and status. Better communication means better patient outcomes.

MAINTAIN SYSTEM OCCUPANCY. While hospitals and systems are struggling to keep beds full, our customers have seen occupancy increase.


SAVE TIME. Traditional patient transfers can take up to 16 phone calls and more than one hour to complete. At Direct Patient Logistics we complete transfers within 10 minutes or less through our convenient, consistent process.

REDUCE PROVIDER ADMINISTRATIVE BURDEN. By letting us handle the referral process, you allow your staff to focus on patient care and satisfaction.

MANAGE COSTS. Many organizations find it more cost effective to outsource patient transfers and avoid paying internal staff to handle the process.

functional benefits

INCREASE PROFITABILITY. Using average per patient revenue figures, increased retention can lead to millions of dollars in revenue. In 2014 alone, it is estimated we generated $40 million+ in top-line revenue for customers.

ACCESS DATA. It’s easy to review recorded and documented call data for every patient transfer.

USE DATA MORE EFFECTIVELY. Our hospital and health systems know exactly where their referrals come from, not to mention the efficacy of each physician in the transfer process. This valuable data helps effectively manage physicians transfer performance, develop strategic marketing plans, coordinate outreach, and understand trends.