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WOur Process

Local Hospital Transfer center. You're on a recorded line. This is Ashley. How may I help you?

  • Greetings customized for your facility
  • All calls answered within three rings
  • Your facility’s protocol is followed to the letter throughout the transfer process

This is Doctor Burke at Basic Hospital Emergency Department. I have a 54-year-old male with possible CVA.

  • Referring physician initiates transfer
  • DPL Transfer Coordinator verifies caller information, including call-back numbers

Doctor Burke, could you please verify the patient’s name and date of birth? ...Thank you Doctor. I’ll call you back as soon as our neurologist is on the line.

  • DPL Transfer Coordinator asks basic protocol-driven questions
  • Required service is determined and patient information is provided
  • The on-call physician is paged by DPL Transfer Coordinator

Thank you Ashley, LifeNet can have an ambulance to Basic Hospital in 20 minutes.


  • ETA provided for patient pick up
  • DPL Transfer Coordinator is updated throughout the process

This is Ashley from the Local Hospital Transfer Center. We have a transfer request for a patient at Basic Hospital Emergency Department.

  • DPL Transfer Coordinator arranges patient transportation using your facility’s protocol

Hi Ashley, It’s Doctor Sullivan in Neurology. You paged?

Thanks for calling, Doctor Sullivan. I have a transfer request from Doctor Burke at Basic Hospital. Please hold while I bring him on the line. ...Thank you doctors, you’re connected.”


  • DPL Transfer Coordinator facilitates a 3-way call with referring physician and accepting physician

This is Doctor Burke. I have a 54-year old male with possible CVA. Sudden trouble speaking and numbness on right side of face.

Hi Doctor Burke, it’s Doctor Sullivan. It appears he’s having a CVA. I will take him. Ashley, let’s transfer him to Neurology and then we’ll get him an ICU bed. Is he stable enough for ground?

Local Hospital Neurology, this is Debbie speaking.


The patient can be taken to room 2076. An ICU bed post-Neurology has been reserved.

  • Room/bed number assigned

Hi Debbie. This is Ashley with the Transfer Center. Doctor Sullivan has just accepted a patient to Neurology and will require an ICU bed.

  • DPL Transfer Coordinator works with accepting facility to transfer patient data and establish bed availability

Ashley, this is LifeNet. The patient has been accepted by Local Hospital.

  • DPL Coordinator kept appraised throughout, notifying other parties as necessary

Thank you, much appreciated. Have a good one.

Hi Doctor Burke, this is Ashley with Local Hospital Transfer Center. Calling to let you know the patient has arrived and has been accepted into Neurology with a bed waiting in ICU.

Call recording and documentation are immediately available from any device.