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WHow We Align Our Team With Yours

All customers are assigned a dedicated team supervisor and care coordinators that are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Your team receives training specific to the goals of your organization, and they know how to encourage continued business with each call they take. The success and growth of your organization is their priority.


We only hire the best, which makes up 10–15% of the candidates that apply to open positions at DPL. We seek confident, intelligent, professional individuals with excellent customer service backgrounds. All candidates must have a high school degree and are incentivized based on education and certifications. Each candidate is fully vetted, including two interviews, testing, and shadowing a current coordinator to observe the process. Each person we hire goes through an extensive background check, drug screening, and credit check.


Our training program typically lasts 60–90 days and is customized to the needs of your organization. Each coordinator must pass an extensive exam that tests their ability to understand and implement your facility’s policies, procedures, and protocols.

Coordinators receive ongoing training and evaluations covering:

  • Medical terminology
  • Customer service and phone etiquette
  • Situational simulations
  • Computer skills
  • Updated protocols and procedures


Coordinators are not required to have medical training beyond learning basic terminology. They are hired to facilitate the medical decisions established by your protocol.

You Can Expect Quality - Every Call, Every Time.

our 3-step quality assurance process

A peer level review process focusing on data entry and following protocol.

If a quality concern is identified retrospectively, a supervisor consults with the coordinator to rectify the problem.

If the supervisor finds the coordinator requires additional coaching, the employee is placed on a performance improvement plan to ensure your standards are met.