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WMobile Infirmary Confident in Their Decision to Join DPL

Mobile Infirmary (Mobile, AL) the largest facility in the Infirmary Health System, launched the DPL Transfer Center Service on April 4th. Mobile Infirmary has been facing several concerns in their market, namely the Infirmary Health system has struggled to keep patients within the system as the process was considered by many too cumbersome, even for their own sister facilities. Facing the challenges of capacity in several key areas of the hospital has led Mobile Infirmary to seek out a more streamlined plan for in-bound transferring of their patients.

After an expedited 45 day deployment period, the service went live successfully @ 7am on Monday, April 4th. During a follow up call with Infirmary Health’s North Baldwin campus, Sonya W., Nursing Supervisor, shared her feelings about the new process:

I was so impressed on how the staff responded. When I had questions they walked me through the steps and explained everything they were going to do. I was transferring two patients today to the Infirmary. They called me back and gave me all of the information: accepting physician name confirmed, bed assigned, nurse report completed, and even asked me if I wanted help arranging transport. I am still waiting on a bed for the second patient, but I was so impressed on how easy they make it.

The staff at DPL is excited to build upon the customer’s initial response and looks forward to impacting the lives of patients in the southern Alabama region and beyond.