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WLet Your Staff Do What They Do Best: Provide Quality Patient Care

Your medical staff didn’t spend years in school learning how to perform administrative tasks. Yet many hospitals depend on highly-trained providers to oversee the complicated and time-consuming patient transfer process.

Inefficient patient transfer processes lead to:

  • Patient dissatisfaction
  • EMTALA violations
  • Poor patient outcomes
  • Decreases in specialty referrals
  • Patient leakage
  • Minimal patient transfer documentation
  • Ineffective transfer databases

All contribute to higher costs and decreased revenue for healthcare systems-and overall waste in healthcare spending.

Patient Leakage: How Much Revenue Do You Lose?


Patients lost to competing healthcare systems


Average decrease in patient leakage from DPL customers experience

  • Our specially-trained coordinators focus only on facilitating patient transfers.
  • Data collection, voice recording, transport communication, and smart routing of call requests are all included
  • Calls are answered within 3 rings.
  • Service redundancy means no calls are missed or delayed.
  • Our expertise assures use of best practices and industry standards that drive quality improvement.
  • Transfers are standardized according to service line and established protocol.
  • Coordinators are dedicated to your facility and receive extensive cross-training to provide back-up staffing when needed.
  • Our 3-part quality assurance program ensures you receive the best service on every call.
  • DPL consistently assesses the service you receive and meets all contractual standards.

Ensure efficient and quality patient transfers.