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WThe Bottom Line

Health systems that outsource patient transfers to Direct Patient Logistics on average reduce transfer-associated costs by 40%. With our enhanced customer service, all parties involved are satisfied with the level of care coordination provided.

24/7 access, 365 days per year

Custom technology and reports

Archived audio of each call

At a fraction of the costs of an in-house transfer center


Minimum increase

in transfer volume

When rolled out appropriately, every hospital we represent has seen at minimum a 20% increase in referral volume. While this alone results in a strong financial return, our reporting mechanisms also provide valuable customer insight.

This data can be helpful for the development of population health management strategies.

  • Track market trends
  • Know where referrals are coming from
  • Understand which services are being requested
  • Discover what patients are not being accepted and the type of patients being transferred
  • Monitor for any inappropriate transfers

We’ve successfully developed an infrastructure over the last 12 years that effectively accommodates expansion and addressing unique customer needs. Our patient management services include an Occupational Health Hotline, Physician Concierge, ACO Coordination Center, Clinical Transport Triage Services and more.

What's the Bottom Line?

WFight Patient Leakage at the Source

Patient volume is key to any hospital or health system’s performance. Yet, it’s estimated that 20–70% of patients are inevitably transferred outside the originating system’s preferred network. The loss of revenue from these patients can have a significant impact on any system’s bottom line.

  • STAY VIABLE BY CONTROLLING PATIENT LEAKAGE When Direct Patient Logistics manages patient transfers, our priority is to keep patients within your system. Our coordinators work as an extension of your health system throughout the transfer process. They follow your protocols and abide by the best practices we’ve created throughout a decade of experience in patient logistics. When transfer delays occur, our coordinators remain involved with the referring providers to alleviate frustration and ensure patients are appropriately transferred to your facilities.
  • RELIABLE TRANSPORTATION PREVENTS PROVIDERS FROM SEEKING BEDS OUTSIDE OF YOUR NETWORK We arrange transportation for the patient through our dedicated, specially-trained coordinators who follow established protocol, which ensures a smooth transfer for patients and providers.
  • NEVER LOSE A TRANSFER REQUEST The experience of transferring a patient should be 100% reliable. DPL improves your internal communication so no patient falls through the cracks.


  • Establish trends within your specific data
  • Measure leakage through customized reports
  • Review recordings to identify bottlenecks that result in leakage
  • Understand the financial impact of outsourcing
  • Identify service line issues
  • Maintain regional occupancy rates
  • Eliminate relationship bias with provider referrals and hospitals

WMaximize Your Transfers

From decreasing inpatient volume and reimbursements to increasing competition, it’s a challenging time for healthcare organizations. In addition, all systems are under pressure to improve patient satisfaction and outcomes, as well as advance quality and safety. By outsourcing patient transfers, systems can increase revenue and effectively address these issues.

Healthcare systems, in part, depend on the revenue they earn from referrals. That’s why it’s so important to streamline the patient transfer process. Referring providers don’t have time to sit on hold, coordinate transportation, or give multiple reports—particularly when a patient’s health and wellbeing is involved. So when a provider experiences a simple and coordinated transfer, you have earned this and future referrals.

  • EXPERIENCE PROFESSIONAL AND CONSISTENT TRANSFERS Because the process is easy and streamlined, it’s convenient and enjoyable for physicians to increase their referrals to your hospital.
  • ONE CALL DOES IT ALL  The coordination of patient transfers can take up to 16 calls. Make sure all providers know that patient transfers in your system require just one call.
  • ALLOCATE YOUR MARKETING DOLLARS WISELY  Our analytics allow you to track where referrals are coming from—allowing you to adjust your marketing efforts accordingly.
  • ENCOURAGE REPEAT REFERRALS BY PROVIDING GREAT SERVICE The goal is to have the referring physician make only one request before the transfer is accepted or denied. Consistent one-call transfers encourage providers to call back again.