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WFight Patient Leakage at the Source

Patient volume is key to any hospital or health system’s performance. Yet, it’s estimated that 20–70% of patients are inevitably transferred outside the originating system’s preferred network. The loss of revenue from these patients can have a significant impact on any system’s bottom line.

  • STAY VIABLE BY CONTROLLING PATIENT LEAKAGE When Direct Patient Logistics manages patient transfers, our priority is to keep patients within your system. Our coordinators work as an extension of your health system throughout the transfer process. They follow your protocols and abide by the best practices we’ve created throughout a decade of experience in patient logistics. When transfer delays occur, our coordinators remain involved with the referring providers to alleviate frustration and ensure patients are appropriately transferred to your facilities.
  • RELIABLE TRANSPORTATION PREVENTS PROVIDERS FROM SEEKING BEDS OUTSIDE OF YOUR NETWORK We arrange transportation for the patient through our dedicated, specially-trained coordinators who follow established protocol, which ensures a smooth transfer for patients and providers.
  • NEVER LOSE A TRANSFER REQUEST The experience of transferring a patient should be 100% reliable. DPL improves your internal communication so no patient falls through the cracks.


  • Establish trends within your specific data
  • Measure leakage through customized reports
  • Review recordings to identify bottlenecks that result in leakage
  • Understand the financial impact of outsourcing
  • Identify service line issues
  • Maintain regional occupancy rates
  • Eliminate relationship bias with provider referrals and hospitals