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WMaximize Your Transfers

From decreasing inpatient volume and reimbursements to increasing competition, it’s a challenging time for healthcare organizations. In addition, all systems are under pressure to improve patient satisfaction and outcomes, as well as advance quality and safety. By outsourcing patient transfers, systems can increase revenue and effectively address these issues.

Healthcare systems, in part, depend on the revenue they earn from referrals. That’s why it’s so important to streamline the patient transfer process. Referring providers don’t have time to sit on hold, coordinate transportation, or give multiple reports—particularly when a patient’s health and wellbeing is involved. So when a provider experiences a simple and coordinated transfer, you have earned this and future referrals.

  • EXPERIENCE PROFESSIONAL AND CONSISTENT TRANSFERS Because the process is easy and streamlined, it’s convenient and enjoyable for physicians to increase their referrals to your hospital.
  • ONE CALL DOES IT ALL  The coordination of patient transfers can take up to 16 calls. Make sure all providers know that patient transfers in your system require just one call.
  • ALLOCATE YOUR MARKETING DOLLARS WISELY  Our analytics allow you to track where referrals are coming from—allowing you to adjust your marketing efforts accordingly.
  • ENCOURAGE REPEAT REFERRALS BY PROVIDING GREAT SERVICE The goal is to have the referring physician make only one request before the transfer is accepted or denied. Consistent one-call transfers encourage providers to call back again.